Causes and Cures of the Inflation That Ravages Consumers in Somalia

What Are the Sources of the Inflation? Inflation is when prices increase generally all in the domestic markets. It is not only contained to Somalia but, it is an economic phenomenon that large countries had been contending all in the last decade. Inflation flowed the populist policies that developed countries taken to close the recessionary […]

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Somali Economic

Somalis’ economy has been revived in the last five years after being fragile over the decades when social and economic infrastructure demolished. Although much remains to be completed in the way to the sustainable and steady growth, Somalis economy has been growing and the inflation was low. According to the IMF Somalis growth rate was […]

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Causes of the Frequent Market Failure in Somalia

Market failure occurs when the quantity demanded by the consumers does not equate the quantity supplied by the seller in a given market. Such failure is recurrent because of the existence of the economic factors that prevent market to operate in its equilibrium. Market failures matters since optimal allocation of resources is not attained and […]

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